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Wallace C. Doolittle has over three decades of litigation and family law experience. This experience includes dozens of trials, thousands of hearings, hundreds of depositions, extensive transactional work, represented one of the country’s largest and most storied bond underwriters since 1996, and has represented borrowers in connection with over $200,000,000 in bond deals.

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Wallace C. Doolittle Attorney

Wallace is a native Californian, who attended college in the San Francisco Bay Area and has practiced law here in the Bay Area since 1992. Prior to practicing law, Wallace worked as a legal assistant for Richard J. Idell ...

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James Downs Attorney of Counsel

James has worked for Wallace C. Doolittle for a number of years in all areas of complex litigation, including commercial and business litigation; complex family law and dissolution cases; ; banking and insurance litigation ...

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  • Dmitri P. - Elmwood, Berkeley, CA   

    Wallace is absolutely the best attorney I had ever worked with. I am able to connect with him on a very high level and together produce quick solutions that would usually take weeks. Wallace's experience and straight talk helped me move from impasse stalemate in my divorce to resolve some of the biggest issues at hand.
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  • Jim C. - Berkeley, CA   

    I have been divorced more than twice.  I have interviewed and sat in front of enough attorneys to be able to give a qualified review of Wallace Doolittle ... As a result of his competence and his efficiency, you save money and get to a final resolution, which is what you want. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.
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