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Wallace C. Doolittle has over two decades of litigation and family law experience. This experience includes dozens of trials, thousands of hearings and hundreds of depositions. A client has much at risk in litigation, and the qualifications of a seasoned veteran are absolutely necessary to protect their interests.

Meet Our Attorneys

Wallace C. Doolittle Attorney

Wallace is a native Californian, who attended college in the San Francisco Bay Area and has practiced law here in the Bay Area since 1992. Prior to practicing law, Wallace worked as a legal assistant for Richard J. Idell ...

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Rachel Rosenfeld Attorney

Rachel currently practices in family law and dissolution cases, civil litigation, and labor and employment litigation. Prior to joining the Law Offices of Wallace C. Doolittle, she worked as a manager in Charles Schwab ...

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Julia Verdi Attorney

Julia currently practices in family law, dissolution and civil litigation cases. Before becoming an associate at the Law Offices of Wallace C. Doolittle, she worked at Genentech, Inc. in the Litigation Department ...

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  • Jim C. - Berkeley, CA   

    I have been divorced more than twice.  I have interviewed and sat in front of enough attorneys to be able to give a qualified review of Wallace Doolittle ... As a result of his competence and his efficiency, you save money and get to a final resolution, which is what you want. He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.
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